Transmutations et transgressions

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Religion matérielle

Un appel à contribution est ouvert dans le cadre de la conférence annuelle du British Sociological Association, Material Religion, par Sociology of Religion Study Group (Durham University (UK), 9-11 avril 2013).

This conference will focus on the physical, material dimension of religious life and practice, one of the major themes of religious research over the last decade. Material forms express and sustain the human search for holiness, transcendence and identity, and attention to the physical can lead scholars to unique and valuable insights.

Commitment to religious communities is learned and displayed through relationships to clothing, food, ritual and decoration, in the home, workplace, street or place of worship. This event will encourage interdisciplinary discussion of the significance of material culture in contemporary religion, including the images and architecture of sacred places and the objects and practices of everyday life. Continuer la lecture de « Religion matérielle »

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