Social Compass

Le dernier numéro de Social Compass (2015,2) vient de paraître.

– Julia Martínez-Ariño, Gloria García-Romeral, Gemma Ubasart-González, and Mar Griera, « Demonopolisation and dislocation: (Re-)negotiating the place and role of religion in Spanish prisons »
– Tom Buchanan and Paige Gabriel, « Race differences in acceptance of cremation: Religion, Durkheim, and death in the African American community »
– Francesco Cerchiaro, Stef Aupers, and Dick Houtman, « Christian-Muslim couples in the Veneto region, northeastern Italy: Dealing with religious pluralism in everyday family life »
– Mark Jennings, « An extraordinary degree of exaltation: Durkheim, effervescence and Pentecostalism’s defeat of secularisation »
– Sam Han, « Disenchantment revisited: Formations of the ‘secular’ and ‘religious’ in the technological discourse of modernity »
– Anneke Pons-de Wit, Peter Versteeg, and Johan Roeland, « Contextual responses to interreligious encounters online »
– Jason Wollschleger, « Disengaged and indistinct: The subcultural identity of the Emerging Church Movement »