Publications, novembre 2013

Encore quelques ouvrages parus récemment:

– Sadik Al Azm, Secularism, Fundamentalism and the Struggle for the Meaning of Islam, Berlin, Gerlach, 2013.

– Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Mansur Ali, Stephen Pattison, Understanding Muslim Chaplaincy (Religion and Society Series), Ashgate, 2013.

– Jonathan Scourfield, Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Asma Khan, Sameh Otri, Muslim Childhood: Religious Nurture in a European ContextOxford University Press, 2013.

– Nasar Meer (dir.), Racialization and Religion. Race, Culture and Difference in the Study of Antisemitism and Islamophobia, (Ethical and Racial Studies Series), Routledge, October 2013.

– Christophe Monnot, Croire ensemble. Analyse institutionnelle du paysage religieux en Suisse, Zurich / Genève, Seismo (terrains des sciences sociales), 2013.

– Frank Peter, Sarah Dornhof, Elena Arigita (dir.), Islam and the Politics of Culture in Europe: Memory, Aesthetics, Art, Bielefeld, Transcript, 2013.

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