Expérience religieuse et identité chez les lesbiennes

Un appel à contribution est ouvert pour un numéro spécial Global Religious Experiences and Identities among Lesbians, de The Journal of Lesbian Studies (Taylor & Francis).

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Rencontres interreligieuses et interconfessionnelles XVIe-XXe siècle

Un appel à contribution est ouvert pour un colloque Les rencontres interreligieuses et interconfessionnelles, du XVIe au XXe siècle, Le Mans, 12-13 avril 2012.

Colloque SISR 2013

La page détaillant les différents appels à contribution pour le colloque 2013 de la SISR a (pour l’instant) disparu de leur site. Grâce à Sociorel 🙂 , elle n’est pas perdue pour tout le monde: appel à contribution SISR 2013, repenser la communauté.
Rappel: date limite de candidature 31 octobre 2012.

Limites de la liberté religieuse

Springer lance un appel à proposition pour une collection Boundaries of Religious Freedom: Regulating Religion in Diverse Societies. Contact: Prof. Lori G. Beaman, University of Ottawa, Canada | Department of Classics and Religious Studies, lbeaman@uottawa.ca;  Prof. Lene Kühle, Aarhus University, Denmark | Department of Culture and Society – Study of Religion, lk@teo.au.dk; Dr. Anna Halafoff, Deakin University, Australia | Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation, anna.halafoff@deakin.edu.au.

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Un appel à contribution est lancé pour un numéro de la revue Autres modernités sur le thème de l’apocalypse. Date limite de candidature (résumé): 10 septembre 2012 pour une publication début 2013. Détails de l’appel ici (la version française suit le texte en italien

Impact des religions

Un appel à contribution est lancé pour un colloque interdisciplinaire Impact des religions, Université d’Uppsala (Suède), 20-22 mai 2013.

Les thèmes suivants sont proposés: religion et changement social (y compris le rôle des médias); inégration, démocratie et culture politique; familles, droit et société; santé; modèles d’assistance sociales; science et religion. Date limite de proposition: 30 novembre 2012.

Femmes, culture, et révolution égyptienne 2011

Un appel à contribution est lancé pour deux ateliers ‘Women, Culture, and the 25th January 2011 Egyptian Revolution’ qui auront lieu à l’Université de Manchester les 15-17 novembre 2012et au Caire en mars 2013. Date limite de proposition 24 juillet 2012.

This is a call for papers for two related workshops which will take place in November 2012 (at the University of Manchester) and in March 2013 (in Cairo). This project is funded by the CBRL-BRISMES Research Network (UK)<http://www.cbrl.org.uk/support.html>, with the aim of emphasising the leading role of Egyptian women activists, writers, and artists in the revolutionary process. In this context, we perceive the 25th January Egyptian Revolution as a process in the making: there were many important catalysts for the revolution over the past decade in Egypt manifested in a significant rise in street protests and demonstrations by large sectors in the society (e.g. government employees, students, factory workers); workers’ strikes in work places; and the expansion of a highly politicised youth culture through such forms of resistance as free expression on blogs, protest songs, vernacular lyrics and poetry, novels by new writers, and films by a new generation of filmmakers. Then the revolution was sparked on 25th January 2011 which brought to the fore a huge body of cultural output manifested in songs, slogans, graffiti, new blogs, documentary films, photographs, and various religious discourses. Throughout this ongoing process of resistance and revolution, women from all walks of Egyptian society have crossed age, gender, religious, and class barriers to contribute to and shape this revolution; yet their leading role has been severely undermined by conservative and counter-revolutionary discourses. One of the key questions which we want to examine through this project is the negotiation, contestation and re-configuration of the religious terms of reference dominating Egyptian politics today by women activists, including Islamically-oriented women. This is largely an uncharted area and it could potentially help us go beyond the reductive categories of the secular/religious binary in describing the protest movements before and after the onset of the Egyptian revolution. Thus, these two workshops aim to make visible and critically analyse women’s contribution to the revolution to underline how they have been influencing the cultural and political scene in Egypt. Another key aim is to link the Egyptian revolutionary process to other Arab and international contexts in order to develop a theoretical perspective on women, revolution, and political change. The revolution is still ongoing, or as the Egyptians have summed it up in one slogan: Sawra Mostamirra (The Revolution Continues…).

This project is run by Dr. Dalia Said Mostafa<http://staffprofiles.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/Profile.aspx?Id=Dalia.S.Mostafa&curTab=1>, Lecturer in Arabic and Comparative Literature (Middle Eastern Studies, University of Manchester) and Dr. Shuruq

Religion, societé et gouvernement en Europe occidentale et ex-soviétique

Les éditions Routledge lancent un appel à publication pour une collection sur religion, société et gouvernement en Europe occidentale et dans les anciens Etats soviétiques.

Routledge Series on Religion, Society and Government in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet States.

This Series seeks to publish high quality monographs and edited volumes on religion, society and government in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet states by focusing primarily on three main themes: the history of churches and religions (including but not exclusively Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism) in relation to governing structures, social groupings and political power; the impact of intellectual ideas on religious structures and values; and the role of religions and faith-based communities in fostering national identities from the nineteenth century until today. The Series aims to advance the latest research on these themes by exploring the multi-facets of religious mobilisation at local, national and supranational levels. It particularly welcomes studies which offer an interdisciplinary approach by drawing on the fields of history, politics, international relations, religious studies, theology, law, sociology, and anthropology. Contacter Dr Lucian Leustean http://www1.aston.ac.uk/lss/staff/leusteanl/

Etudes internationales Religion et société

Brill lance un appel à contribution pour une collection intitulée International Studies in Religion and Society (ISRS).

Book proposals are invited for volumes directed at a broad audience, research monographs and edited collections. Please send your book proposals to either the series editors Peter Beyer (pbeyer@uottawa.ca) and Lori Beaman (lbeaman@uottawa.ca) or Maarten Frieswijk at Brill (Frieswijk@brill.nl).

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