Articles sur l’islam en libre accès

A l’occasion du colloque BRAIS à Exeter, plusieurs articles de la revue Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs sont en libre accès jusqu’à fin avril:
· Revisiting Fiat Regime’s Attainability of Shari’ah Objectives and Possible Futuristic Alternatives

· Identifying Counter Radical Narratives from Within British Muslim Communities: The Case of “Muslim Patrol” and Muslim Community Responses

· The Reception of Sufism in the West: The Mystical Experiences of American and European Converts

· The Individual and the Ummah: The Use of Social Media by Muslim Minority Communities in Australia and the United States

· Charlie Hebdo: Differences in Corporate and Alternative Media Coverage

Affronter l’antisémitisme dans un climat politique changeant

AAC pour le 4ème colloque international de The Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism (ISCA), Contending with Antisemitism in a Changing Political Climate, Indiana University (USA), 23-27 mars 2019. DLC 1er juin 2018.