Les religion dans le nexus migration-développement

Un appel à contribution est ouvert pour un panel Religion in the migration-development nexus? Co-production and negotiation across transnational social space du colloque annuel de Royal Geographical Society, Londres, 27-29 août 2014.

This session invites papers that address the different ways in which religion can play a role in the migration – development nexus; as motivation for action, in transnational networks, or in formal structures. Research interest in the connections between migration and development in migrants’ countries of origin has been strong in the past decade, including substantial attention to migrants’ remittances and diaspora engagements, e.g. in ‘home town associations’. The focus on immigration and religion, particularly with regard to Muslims, has also increased significantly in public and academic debate. However, this interest has mainly been related to issues of migrant integration in host societies, and only to a limited extent with regard to transnational practices. The proposed session invites papers that explore the different ways in which religion can play a role in the migration-development nexus. Attempting to move beyond simplistic dichotomies, such as ‘here’ and ‘there’, ‘religious’ and ’secular’, ‘academics’ and ‘practitioners’, ‘formal’ and ’informal’, ‘charity’ and ’development’, this panel seeks to explore the role of religion in the co-production of ideas and practices of development and poverty reduction across space, as experienced, produced and negotiated by local, as well as transnational actors.
We invite empirical and theoretical papers that address, but are not limited to, the following issues:
•  The role of religion for migrants’ engagement in charity/development/poverty reduction in the country of origin
•  The relationship between religiously motivated charity and ideas and practices to reduce poverty in the ‘development industry
•  Migrants’ development engagement as transnational religious practice
•  Co-production and negotiation of religiously founded ideas and/or practices of development across transnational social space
•  What is specifically ‘religious’ about ‘religious’ transnational practices and networks
•  Methodological challenges with studying ‘religion’ in the context of migration and development
•  Working with Faith Based Organizations in development from practitioners’ perspectives
•  Home town associations, diaspora organizations and faith based organizations and the role of religion for ‘development’ practices and fundraising
•  The role of religion and faith in relation to motivations for remittance sending
We invite paper abstracts of 200 words by the end of Monday 10 February 2014, please send to: Marta Bivand Erdal (marta@prio.no<mailto:marta@prio.no>) and Kaja Borchgrevink (kaja@prio.no<mailto:kaja@prio.no>). Please include name, affiliation and e-mail address for all authors. If you have any queries please feel free to email us.

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A.-L. Zwilling (2014, 30 janvier). Les religion dans le nexus migration-développement. sociorel. Consulté le 19 avril 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/udav

Auteur/autrice : A.-L. Zwilling

Ingénieure de recherche CNRS hors classe HdR, membre de l'unité mixte de recherche "Droit, religion, entreprise et société" (UMR 7354, CNRS/Université de Strasbourg). Directrice, notamment, du projet international EUREL, informations sur l'état juridique et sociologique des religions en Europe (http://www.eurel.info).

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