Intégrer la foi

Le dernier numéro de International Migration (51-3, juin 2013) porte sur Incorporating Faith: Religion and Immigrant Incorporation in the West.

Au sommaire:
– “God Can Wait – New Migrants in Germany Between Early Adaptation and Religious Reorganization”, Claudia Diehl et Matthias Koenig
– “God Bless Our Children? The Role of Generation, Discrimination and Religious Context for Migrants in Europe”, Koen Van der Bracht, Bart Van de Putte et Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe
– “Intergenerational Change in Religious Salience Among Immigrant Families in Four European Countries”, Konstanze Jacob et Frank Kalter
– “Piety in a Secular Society: Migration, Religiosity, and Islam in Britain”, Valerie A. Lewis et Ridhi Kashyap
– “Intermarriage Attitudes Among Minority and Majority Groups in Western Europe: The Role of Attachment to the Religious In-Group”, Sarah Carol
– “Religious Dimensions of Contexts of Reception: Comparing Two New England Cities”, Wendy Cadge, Peggy Levitt, Bernadette Nadya Jaworsky et Casey Clevenger
– “Religion as A Context of Reception: The Case of Haitian Immigrants in Miami, Montreal and Paris”, Margarita A. Mooney

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