Genre, religion et multiculturalisme

Le dernier numéro de Religion & Gender vient de paraître (vol 2, n° 1, 2012): Religion, Gender and Multiculturalism.
Editorial:”Gender and Religiosity in Multicultural Societies”, Chia Longman, Eva Midden, Nella van den Brandt

– “Deference or Interrogation? Contrasting Models for Reconciling Religion, Gender and Equality”, Moira Dustin

– ““Is the Headscarf Oppressive or Emancipatory?” Field Notes on the Gendrification of the ‘Multicultural Debate’”, Sarah Bracke, Nadia Fadil

– “Preparing for Life: Gender, Religiosity and Education Amongst Second Generation Hindus in Canada”, Cathy Holtmann, Nancy Nason-Clark

– Religion and Diasporic Dwelling: Algerian Muslim Women in Ireland, Yafa Shanneik

– “Gender, Colonialism and Rabbinical Courts in Mandate Palestin”, Lisa Fishbayn

– “Within, Without: Dialogical Perspectives on Feminism and Islam”, Sara Ashencaen Crabtree, Fatima Husain

– “Digital Multiculturalism in the Netherlands: Religious, Ethnic, and Gender Positioning by Moroccan-Dutch Youth”, Koen Leurs, Eva Midden, Sandra Ponzanesi

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