Transformation de l’islamisme

Un appel à contribution est lancé pour un numéro de la revue Bilgi, Transformation of Islamism (resp.: Bünyamin Bezci and Nebi Miş,

One of the most heated discussions of the last twenty years is the issue of the transformation of Islamism in Turkey that has been taking place at various quarters and spheres ranging from economy to politics, to culture and to daily life. Particularly when considering the decade long experience in power of the Islamist cadres, it should become obvious that it is an urgent need for academics and researchers to investigate and critique the transformation and/or crisis that Islamism has had.

Even though notable actors of Turkey’s Islamism have presented their case in the 2000s as a success story of congenial transformation, recent years have also brought forth serious criticisms and misgivings regarding Turkey’s experience. While many accept that concepts such as globalization, liberalization, human rights, democratization, and individualization have clearly affected and intertwined Islamism in Turkey; equally important is the fact that concepts as consumer society, intolerance to the Other, nationalist conservatism, exclusionary communitarianism and populism have appeared to be stumbling blocks of Turkey’s experience. Discussions on Islamism intensified especially in the post 9/11 era, with enormous implications for the global financial crisis and the Middle East after the Arab awakening. Consequently, a similar discussion has also been nurtured and placed at the global agenda of states and peoples. New discussions and dimensions of transformation-debate have necessitated a reevaluation of the traditional terms of debate that have solong informed the academe with unhelpful dichotomies of Islam-Democracy, Islam-Secularism and Islam-International Relations.

The special issue of the Bilgi Journal ‘The Transformation of Islamism’ aims to bring different contributions in order to redefine terms of debate and critique the crises of Islamism with particular emphasis on the issues and themes of ‘power’, ‘multiculturalism’, ‘popular culture’, ‘market economy’ and ‘international relations’. In this context and as such, this volume also seeks to unearth whether new forms of Islamism both in Turkey and the world are in sight.

Article manuscripts should not exceed 8.000 words and must comply with the journal format as indicated at the journal’s webpage. The Language of articles must be either English or Turkish.

Deadline for Submission: 1 April 2012

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