Diasporas et transnationalisme

AAC pour la collection Edinburgh Studies on Diasporas and Transnationalism, dir.: Bahar Baser baser@coventry.ac.uk, Mari Toivanen toivanen@helsinki.fi.A forum for studies on global diaspora populations in the age of migration

Bringing together high-quality academic works written by diaspora and transnationalism scholars, this series adopts an interdisciplinary approach and is open to empirical and theoretical submissions alike, making meaningful contributions to contemporary debates in the field. While focusing on economic, political, social and cultural factors that shape and maintain transnational identities and diasporic attachments to the country of origin and residence, the series is also open to submissions on different aspects of transnational interactions from an arts and humanities perspective.

Key features

  • Produces knowledge on historical as well as contemporary diasporas with a broad geographical span
  • Pioneers an interdisciplinary approach to diaspora and transnationalism studies, publishing books from academics based in a variety of fields in social and political sciences as well as the humanities
  • Covers South-South migration and transnational interactions between diasporas that reside in the regions and their homelands, and welcomes books authored by academics who are based in those regions to reinforce scholarship coming from Global South
  • Focuses broadly on the areas of identity and belonging of transnational communities, emergence of diasporas, mobilisation patterns and activism, country of origin – country of residence diaspora nexus, politics and policies of diaspora governance and diasporas as emerging actors in world politics in general

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Auteur/autrice : A.-L. Zwilling

Ingénieure de recherche CNRS hors classe HdR, membre de l'unité mixte de recherche "Droit, religion, entreprise et société" (UMR 7354, CNRS/Université de Strasbourg). Directrice, notamment, du projet international EUREL, informations sur l'état juridique et sociologique des religions en Europe (http://www.eurel.info).

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