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Un livre au joli titre vient de paraître: In-between Spaces: Christian and Muslim Minorities in Transition in Europe and the Middle East, Christiane Timmerman, Johan Leman, Hannelore Roos, Barbara Segaert (dirs.). Brussels, Peter Lang, 2009.

Il s’agit des actes du colloque Christian and Muslim Minorities in Transition in Europe and the Middle East (Université Centre Saint-Ignace, Anvers, décembre 2007). Ce colloque a pris en compte différents aspects de la question: identité ethnique et religion, migration, conversion, islam européen…
Les titres des contributions sont:
Platti, Emilio – Christian Minorities in the Middle East in Transition
Douwes, Dick – Matching Modernity with Traditional Tolerance. The Politics of Religious Diversity in the Middle East
Teule, Herman – The Christian Minorities in Iraq. The Question of Religious and Ethnic Identity
Soner, B. Ali – At the Limits of Toleration. How Have non-Muslim Minorities Been Constructed as ‘Strangers’ in Turkey?
Dogruel, Fulya – Multiple Identities on the Border. Christian and Muslim Arab Minority Communities in Turkey
Modood, Tariq – Migration, Ethno-religious Groups and Integration in Europe
Vanderwaeren, Els – A Religious and Feminine Counter-discourse in Flanders Revealed
Lechkar, Iman – Conversion to Islam in the Belgian Context. Religious and/or Ethnic Passing?
Mandaville, Peter – Hip-Hop, Nasheeds, and ‘Cool’ Sheikhs. Popular Culture and Muslim Youth in the United Kingdom
Niehaus, Inga – Between Participation and Disengagement. Muslim Minorities and Their Islamic Schools in Britain and the Netherlands
Leman, Johan – The ‘Empowering’ Impact of the Internet (or the ‘Virtual’) on Europe’s Immigrant Muslim Minorities
Van den Branden, Stef / Broeckaert, Bert – Globalisation and a Living Islamic Identity. English Sunni E-Fatwas on End-of-Life Decision Making
Brouwer, Lenie – The Internet as a Vehicle of Empowerment. Dutch Moroccan Youths on the Islam Debate
Dassetto, Felice – The Intellectual Challenges and Interpretative Approaches
Ryad, Umar – A Prelude to Fiqh al-Aqaliyyaât. Rashîd Ridâ’s Fatwâs to Muslims Under non-Muslim Rule
Benzine, Rachid – Markers for Reading the Koran

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