Politiques de l’héritage religieux

Appel à contribution pour un panel au 3e forum ISA de sociologie, The Politics of Religious Heritage: Memory, Identity and Place, Vienne, Autriche, 10-14 juillet 2016. DLC 30 septembre 2015.

Debates on religious heritage are gaining prominence in the contemporary world amid processes of secularization, diversification and religious revitalization. As dynamics of transnationalization and global migration unsettle inherited understandings of citizenship, nationhood and belonging more broadly, questions of how religions relate to imaginations of national communities are becoming more and more important. In this scenario, processes of negotiation, contestation and reinterpretation of religious pasts take on greater saliency in the public, cultural and political spheres.
The session suggests that these processes feed into new forms of politics of religious heritage redrawing symbolic boundaries around affectively charged cultural cores, and explores how these politics play out in different fields. We welcome contributions examining the framing of religion as heritage in pilgrimage, festivals and religious travels, as well as exploring the notion of religious heritage in the political, legal or cultural domains.
Avi ASTOR, Universitad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain, avi.astor@uab.cat
Marian BURCHARDT, Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Germany, Burchardt@mmg.mpg.de
Mar GRIERA, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, mariadelmar.griera@uab.cat

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Auteur/autrice : A.-L. Zwilling

Ingénieure de recherche CNRS hors classe HdR, membre de l'unité mixte de recherche "Droit, religion, entreprise et société" (UMR 7354, CNRS/Université de Strasbourg). Directrice, notamment, du projet international EUREL, informations sur l'état juridique et sociologique des religions en Europe (http://www.eurel.info).

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